Land Confiscation Order 06/24/T

By Larissa Sansour

Copenhagen, Denmark

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: In her video piece Land Confiscation Order 06/24/T, Larissa Sansour explores the notion of territory as constitutive of not only national, but also personal identity. LCO 06/24/T is a requiem for a small piece of land and a house made of stone. It in turn becomes a eulogy for the dream of viable statehood and exposes Palestinian identity as a block that not only political and cultural, but also geographical factors are chopping away at on a daily basis. And as such, the video investigates the idea of the perception of the self as shaped by restrictions imposed by the other.

Though regularly appearing in her own videos, in LCO 06/24/T Sansour has chosen to step aside and tell the story of the confiscation of her own family’s land through her sister and brother. By draping the house entirely in a black cloth, the two perform a ritual not only serving as an acknowledgement of material and geographical loss, but also as a commemorative gesture to a national identity dismantled by military occupation and international politics.

The phantasmagorical imagery on the one hand and the documentary-style footage of Israeli soldiers presenting the confiscation order on the other places LCO 06/24/T in a realm between blurry, introverted nostalgia and stark reality.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Born 1973 in Jerusalem, Sansour studied Fine Art in Copenhagen, London and New York, and earned her MFA from New York University. Her work is interdisciplinary, immersed in the current political dialogue and utilizes video art, digital photography, experimental documentary and the internet. Sansour’s work has been exhibited worldwide in galleries, museums as well as film festivals. Her most notable shows include the Tate Modern in London, UK, the National Museum of Queen Sofia in Madrid, Spain and a current show at the Arken Musem of Modern Art in Denmark.

Sansour is an International board member at the new concept school Chaos Pilots where she contributes with her writing on arts, politics and education. She lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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