By Jordon Jo

San Diego, California, United States

ABOUT THIS PIECE: I composed this song to symbolize and express the numerous and random processes and stages the mind goes through when hit with such a tragically painful catastrophe. The song is the change in reflections that occur in the mind: from the disdain, pain, and confusion to its modulations into the intrigued, enlightened, and finally the strengthened.

The chord modulations and unfamiliar chord voicings symbolize the ever changing outlooks, perspectives, and thoughts that take beautifully random transformations. These changes occur from personal contemplations to the mind’s ability to cope over time; from that person’s observations of their surroundings to the tiny words that people can say around one that spark liberating combustions in one’s mind that open new doors.

It is a combination of a myriad of elements that get us through loss and tragedy. And in the end, this adaptation leaves the mind a magnificently tenacious rock, solidified by the experience, and strengthened by love.

The last few notes represent the final fading moments of this one’s life: peaceful, accepting, in harmony, and ready.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: I have an immense passion for music and the environment. Throughout my week, I rehearse, perform, and compose for 13 musical groups including several jazz combos, big bands, pit orchestras, and gospel church groups on guitar; a chamber orchestra and multiple string quartets on violin; and a choral ensemble and a barbershop quartet with voice. Music has been an inspirational and driving component of my life that lets me express myself and meet incredibly edifying people that help me grow not only musically but as a person.

As far as me, personally, people say I am a very driven and passionate person. This does ring true when observing my weekly schedule, the political opinions I create and contemplate, and academically, being Valedictorian at my school. But I also know that I am an insightful and intuitive person, constantly observing the things in front of me and the others I do not see. I am very rooted in my morals, always grasping appreciation for the myriad of help and love I receive from others and always respectful and, if possible, helpful or charitable to those around me, no matter who they may be. Overall, I enjoy simplifying my seemingly layered life, and always finding congeniality in family and friends.

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