By Jake Pinto

Sarasota, Florida, United States

ABOUT THIS PIECE: I wrote this solo piano piece in an effort to evoke the sadness and feelings that the Palestinian people felt on Nakba day. I also wanted to make this piece reflect the horror and sadness of the Jewish people during the Holocaust. These two events, equally horrifying, I believe are the heart of the conflict between the Palestinians and the Jewish people. This piece is written in largo time, which I felt was the only tempo to accurately evoke the emotions of sorrow and grief. The melodic theme of the piece moves over the pedaled bass note creating a rise and fall motion that mirrors the rise and fall of people's emotions in conflict. Also, the improvised melody in the middle represents the voice of a single person speaking against conflict.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Jake Pinto is a senior at Pine View School in Sarasota, FL and has been playing jazz piano for the past four years. Jake’s passion for music and jazz has made him an integral part of his community and his contributions have not gone unnoticed. In 2007, Jake received the Pine View Creativity award for outstanding artistic prowess and contribution to the community. Jake has also been noticed by world renowned jazz pianist Dick Hyman, who presented Jake’s trio in January 2008. Jake has also been a part of Community Youth Development for the past 3 years. As a part of this organization he has created and executed many safe social events for high school students that have featured live music and games – his bands have also performed at many of these events. In school, Jake is a member of the 1st place Academic Olympic Team and he is also the founder and president of the Pine View Jazz Club. Jake is currently raising funds so that he may attend New York University this fall where he has been accepted.

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