End the Occupation

By Abu Nurah, Maro-One (producer)

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

ABOUT THIS PIECE: The song deals with occupation and its effect on its victims. It begins by acklowledging the displaced and their right of return. It speaks of the plight of those exiled as well as those who remain: "Living in exile is like life suspended; for people back home the misery never ended." While the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine face distinct conditions, the struggle for self-determination is a common one.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Abu Nurah is an emcee with something to say, in the tradition of greats like Chuck D and KRS ONE. He grew up in Los Angeles' notorious Pico-Union neighborhood. From an early age, he’s had a strong connection to hip hop culture, twice winning his school's annual break-dancing competition. Abu Nurah went on to study at Harvard, where he received the David McCord prize for excellence in the Arts as well as the Henry Russell Shaw Fellowship, which allowed him to travel to London and Paris to film a hip hop documentary.

Abu Nurah's music has been featured on Democracy Now's War and Peace Report. His debut album, a mixtape titled 'Don't be a Citizen' is a wakeup call as well as a call to arms. Through this seminal work, Abu Nurah promotes a revolution of thought, urging listeners to stop thinking like ‘citizens’ who don’t question what they’re told. He is merciless in condemning nationalism, advocating instead justice and human rights for all.

He is currently at work on his second release.

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