Same Struggle

By Big A feat. ZHAO-SKI

Dearborn, Michigan, United States

Verse 1 BIG A
Verse 2 ZHAO
Verse 3 BIG A
Verse 4 ZHAO

Same Struggle is a collaboration between Big A (south lebanon) and Zhao-Ski (Detroit).
All around the globe, Same Struggle.

We are all one people and the bonds we can create between us can help overcome the Israeli occupation in Lebanon/Palestine and the racism that colored people in general face in America.

Enjoy the music.

Born and raised in South-Lebanon where the most profound battle for freedom has been inspiring generations across this planet. Big-A- learned how to become a researcher in his early school years and spent his childhood playing basketball and reflecting on peace & war at the rocky beach of SOOR, his coastal Mediterranean hometown. He then moved to the ’States in the summer of ’01 to peruse an NBA career! It didn’t take him long to acknowledge that his love for music would eventually become the new focal point of his life... Met Jasen at work- Jasen introduced him to Dante- Dante took him to the shows where he met Zhao-ski (a solo MC/producer who’s Big -A-’s mentor/partner/brother). Zhao, known for keeping an ear to the streets, gave Big -A- the much needed opportunity to get in the studio.It’s that -A- style, rugged & intricate to please true HipHop heads and universal to appeal to any man or woman with a genuine cause. Big -A-’s team is pretty much made of your favourite MCs/musicians. Comin soon to a grimy hood near YOU... ---pe-A-ce---

hAO is from Detroit and has been part of the Hip Hop movement in Detroit since the mid to late '80's. From B-Boying (Southfield Floormasters) to graffiti writing (ZoRo), he's been there. zhAO hooked up with like-minded hip hoppers OneBeLo & Decompoze back in the mid to late '90's when the Terrorist records was forming, zhAO became one of the member of the Trackezoids (Unparallel Productions) and has been working behind the scenes to help further the Subterraneous movement. He has produced songs on projects for OneBeLo, Decompoze, Kodac, Illite, Magestik Legend & Octane. zhAO has also worked with other artist outside of the Subterraneous camp like Elzhi, Big A, Buff 1, Beace, Dogmatic, Asylum 7, Bigg Verb & Invincible to name a few. zhAO is also a DeeJay & a recording artist who has released limited editions of his debut "the Black Operation E.P." & "Choice Cuts Vol. 1"respectively on his own label Black Operation Recordings. He's currently working on two full-length projects," the Collaboration" (which is a Duet project with a number of different artist) & his full-length opus "Beyond the Obvious"

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