By Thu Do

Ballwin, Missouri, USA


ABOUT THIS PIECE: The nature of a woman is to build by nurturing and caring for her child. Nobody said her work is easy, for everyday she has to worry about her child and to protect him against the danger and destruction. Sometimes she feels weak and alone in this fight against Nakba. But this woman has hope. She hopes for a better life for herself and her family. And she is not fighting alone, for millions of women in the world share the same purpose as her: the purpose of surviving and make the best of life. Above all the harshness and the destruction, her beauty is glowing brighter than ever. She rises from the dust of life into a confident woman.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: My name is Thu and I come from a traditional Vietnamese family. My family was among the first families to settle down on the plain of the Red river. When I was young, my father told me that someday I would study in an American university and I could not believe him. I thought he would not let his dearest daughter go halfway around the world to a strange country and stay there by herself. As I grew up, I realized there are many things out there for me to explore, to experience. I come to America with the desire to find myself as an artist, an independent person, and then to come back to help my country. As an international student, I understand the importance of communication to help bring people together. That is why I chose Graphic Design as one way to transfer my ideas to others. Beside this type of communication, Sculpture has always been my passion. I have been working with art forms including: painting, sculpture, photography, and drawing. I also work with web design, fashion design, and graphic design. I believe art is an international language which bring our people together, despite our skin colors, our physical appearances, and our beliefs. I also believe that a piece of art work should carry an effective message to the viewers. With this message inside, it becomes more than a pretty visual experience; the artwork itself can change opinions, actions, and lives.

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