Barbed Wire

By Jason Davis

Ravenna, Ohio, USA

Barbed Wire

ABOUT THIS PIECE: Growing up and recieving my education in the US, i wasn't taught about the Nakba. i've only begun to educate myself about the history of the conflict in the Middle East and I am enraged and saddened by my discoveries. In my piece i've tried to reflect: the rubble left by the expulsion of a people from their land and their deep roots to that land; the barbed reminder of an occupation that still is; the bloodshed spilling over into the confrontation that exists today; and the inevitable struggle for all involved.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: I'm a 32 year old self-employed artist from Northeast Ohio. I enjoy taking walks in the woods with my girl and my dog. I don't trust my government and I don't watch television. i dream of moving to the woods, living on a self-sustained farm, making art, and enjoying the simple things of life.

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