What a Camp Looks Like

By Anne Paq

Peschadoires, France

What a Camp Looks Like

ABOUT THIS PIECE: Refugees today. General view of Aida refugee camp. The camp is overcrowed and the habitations are of bad quality. 50 years after the Nakba; the tents have been replaced by bad quality buildings, a temporary problem has turned into a permanent disaster. Aida refugee camp, Palestine, March 2006.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: I am a French photographer who has lived in Palestine for the last four years. I have concentrated my work on daily life of Palestinians, refugees, the impact of the Wall on the communities and documenting human rights violations in the OPTs. In 2006, I developed a programme in Aida refugee camp called Images for Life whose aim is to empower refugees through photography and film-making. My work has been exhibited in different countries and published in various publications. Since 2006; I am a member of the collective Activestills who gathered documentary photographers who believe in photography as a tool for social change.

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