The Ongoing Nabka ~ House Demolition

By Anne Paq

Peschadoires, France

The Ongoing Nabka

ABOUT THIS PIECE: The ongoing Nakba (house demolition). Woman looking for her papers among the furniture left after the demolition of a her house, South Hebron, 19 March 2008. The demolition left 20 Palestinians homeless, including 12 children. The Nakba continues for Palestinians in different forms including house demolitions. Since 1967 around 18,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished. It is still continuing.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: I am a French photographer who has lived in Palestine for the last four years. I have concentrated my work on daily life of Palestinians, refugees, the impact of the Wall on the communities and documenting human rights violations in the OPTs. In 2006, I developed a programme in Aida refugee camp called Images for Life whose aim is to empower refugees through photography and film-making. My work has been exhibited in different countries and published in various publications. Since 2006; I am a member of the collective Activestills who gathered documentary photographers who believe in photography as a tool for social change.


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