Love Your Neighbor, Don't You Think It's Time?

By Tema Okun

Durham, North Carolina, USA

Love Your Neighbor

ABOUT THIS PIECE: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR, DON'T YOU THINK IT'S TIME was created after visiting with families in the West Bank whose homes had been demolished by the Israeli government, ostensibly for lack of a permit, in reality to accomplish the illegal taking of Palestinian land for settlement expansion. As a Jew, this collage is an expression of my anger, my bitterness, my frustration, my sadness, my pain over the U.S. Jewish community's continued silence about the inhumanity of Occupation, particularly as this silence is an egregious violation of one of our most basic tenets, expressed in a famous story in which Rabbi Hillel instructs that we must avoid doing that which is hateful to ourself to our neighbor.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Tema Okun is active with the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions-USA, a member of Jews for a Just Peace in Durham, North Carolina, and a long-time collage artist.

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