Map of Palestine

By Hillary Bradfield

San Pedro, California, USA

Map of Palestine

ABOUT THIS PIECE: In 1948, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were expelled from their cities and villages. This was the event of Nakba. Villages were razed to the ground, leaving roughly 750,000 people displaced. I cannot imagine being expelled from my own home. Then I thought of what I would want the most if this were to happen to me. I came to the conclusion that I would want to be surrounded by my friends and family. I wanted to express that the resilience of the human spirit is the benefactor of the bond between humans. I worked with this theme in my digital artwork, Map.

Much of Map is centered on the importance of human connectivity. I used a map of Palestine for the background, and used a filter of a photo depicting a 1940’s refugee camp as a filter. I placed pictured of people and families before Nakba in the foreground, and connected them with lines the color of the Palestinian flag. This shows that the events of Nakba can never be forgotten, but also that no matter what, the bonds we create with friends and family are far stronger than any disaster.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Hillary Bradfield was born on October 4, 1988 in an Anaheim Hospital to Kristin Bradfield and David Bradfield. Her mother, who was a former professional ballerina, and father, who is a musician, encouraged the performance arts. Hillary was a figure skater for fourteen years, alongside her older and younger sister. Nevertheless, Hilary’s asthma restricted her from being too physically active. Heavy asthma medication also left her with weak bones, so she was often off of skating due to broken bones or other such side effects. Frustrated and tired of trying to juggle her health issues with sports, she sought out the visual arts as her outlet. This proved to be the right field of study for Hillary. At the age of sixteen, she started taking college level studio art classes. She was selected to show a drawing in the El Camino College Open House (student) Art Show her first year at college. Hillary has continued making and showing her art, and hopes to transfer to San Jose State University for the fall of 2008 to pursue an education in the fine arts with a concentration in animation and illustration.

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