1948: 60 Years of Dispossession

By Dena Qaddumi

London, England, UK

1948: 60 Years of Dispossession

ABOUT THIS PIECE: Discussions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict tend to center and focus on the events of 1967 and beyond. Yet any just and long-lasting solution must address and resolve the problems rooted in the events of 1948.

It is 1948 that marks the origin of the dispossession and dispersal of the Palestinian people. Suddenly Palestinians were divided into three distinct groups: those that would later be known as Israeli-Arabs, those that stayed in what would become the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and the majority of us, who are recognized as the Palestinian Diaspora.

This design illustrates this phenomenon, by visually representing the mass exodus of the Palestinian people from their homeland and thus bringing awareness to the far-reaching consequences of 1948.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Dena Qaddumi has spent her whole life ‘out of place’. She was born in Texas to a Palestinian father and a Mexican mother, was raised in Qatar, and currently works in London.

Qaddumi has been involved in the Palestine Solidarity movement for the past seven years in Austin, New York and most recently London. She has been active with the New York Chapter of the Network of Arab-American Professionals, Adalah:NY the Coalition for Justice in the Middle East, and Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine.

Qaddumi is an architect by profession and holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin.

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