By Ildiko Toth

Portland, Oregon, USA


ABOUT THIS PIECE: The districts of the destroyed villages are assembled into a shape of a key, the symbol of the right to return. I got the list of villages and districts from the website. The poster is very simple, yet has a strong message.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: I am 34 years old and was born in Hungary. I have been living as a resident of USA in Portland, OR for 7 years. My husband is Palestinian and as of March 30, 2008 he currently resides in Gaza, unable to leave since June, 2007. While we are forced to live apart at the moment for many reasons, (which is really hard for both of us), getting myself involved in something worthwhile helps to keep us close to each other. Our high hopes to be re-united soon has been turned into frustration and a sense of injustice. By knowing my husband giving me the opportunity to use my graphics and communications experience for a cause. In January, 2007 I joined AUPHR, Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights organization in Portland and started exploring creative ideas on how to express the Palestinian struggle publicly and draw attention to events. I am a graphic designer and my day job is in the field of marketing. I realize the importance of communication. I appreciate the fact that actively engaging with the culture of my husband can actually provide me a deeper insight into the true potential to pursue my effort further in the future.

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