The Dance: The Throbbing Dance of the Displaced

By Ala' Younis

Amman, Jordon

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: A mute looped short film showing two Palestinian peasants on the day they were expelled from their village. They’re in act of searching for something but due to the elimination of sound in this film, the viewer can easily misinterpret their desperate search for a dance or a festive show of traditional costume. The movement of the couple reminds me of chicken being slaughtered when I used to go and buy fresh chicken meat when I was 12 years old. The chicken hits the corners of the hot tin barrel after cutting its throat. The clip points to the fact that sounds and stories behind image are as important as the image itself. Half the truth can be lost if we remain silent. This abstract animation was modeled in 2005 and edited in 2008.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Born in Kuwait in 1974, Ala' Younis graduated with a B.Sc. in Architecture from the University of Jordan in 1997. She had her first solo exhibition at the French Cultural Center in Amman in 2004. In addition to participating in several collective exhibitions in Jordan, Younis has displayed her work internationally in numerous group shows such as the Iran 3rd biennale – "Art in the Contemporary Islamic World" held in Tehran in 2005, the 12th Asian Art Biennale in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2006, and an exhibition of video works organized by the Association des Instants Video in Marseille, France in 2007. Younis has taken part in more than 15 workshops led by artists and curators from all over the world. She was awarded a Grant from the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs for a two month residency at the F+F School of Art & Media Design in Zürich in 2007. In 2005, she received the 2nd Prize for Non Egyptians at the 17th Youth Salon in Cairo and the 3rd Prize at the Annual Exhibition of the Jordanian Artists Association in Amman.

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