The Jury Process


Since January 30, 2008 the Competition solicited entries for a commemoration of the Nakba through personal expressions in the form of visual arts, essays, poetry, music, video and digital media. By the March 30, 2008 submission deadline over 300 international entries were received in 5 categories. An international jury of 17 distinguished artists, writers and filmmakers selected compelling work for exhibition and awards in each category announced on May 15th, 2008.

The distinguished members of the Jury for the Expressions of Nakba Competition were assigned to one of 5 submission categories. Each Jury member was provided a full list of entries for their category along with the relevant info. on each entry; however all entries were anonymized i.e. no names or bios of the participants were shared with the jury until after the reviews were completed.

Each jury member reviewed their set of assigned entries using an online review form with a well defined set of 10 criteria with which each entry was rated. Jury members also provided their subjective comments on most entries. The data from all reviews was collated by the competition organizers for each category and reviewed by the jury and curator to recommend final selections.

The overall selection process for this competition was designed to be fair, transparent and comprehensive to ensure the diverse range of work submitted was diligently reviewed and selected based on consensus and careful deliberation among the jury.

We believe the final outcomes of this process have yielded a wonderful selection of works representing the true spirit of the Nakba.

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