About the Expressions of Nakba Competition

"Expressions of Nakba” is an international competition which seeks to present the extraordinary narrative of a dispossessed people through a diverse range of expressions that interpret the collective identity, historic struggle, and emotional experience of the Nakba for Palestinians. The Competition strives to highlight the ongoing effects of the Nakba on the contemporary life of Palestinian refugees along with a deeper exploration of emerging notions of being in “exile” today.

The Competition is soliciting entries in five main categories:

A. Written Work – Poetry and Short Essays (both no more than 1500 words)

B. Recorded Audio – Spoken Word and Music (less than 5 minutes)

C. Visual Arts – Illustration, Painting, Photography and Mixed-Media Work

D. Poster Design – Poster-quality Graphic Design

E. Digital Media – Digital Video Shorts and Interactive Media (less than 10 minutes)

The Competition was launched in January 29th, and the submissions deadline was March 30th 2008. The Competition will award a sum of $500 to each of five winning entries selected in each submission category (for a total of $2500 in awards provided).

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